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CRYSTAL LAKE - State Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) announced today that she has endorsed Lake County Board Member Tom Weber to replace her as State Representative in District 64 for the term beginning in January 2019.

“I am very proud to support the candidacy of Tom Weber for State Representative,” said Wheeler. “Tom grew up in and has been a lifelong resident of Lake County where he has raised his family and made a huge impact as both a community member and public official.”

“Tom is a hard-working small business owner doing business in both Lake and McHenry counties since 1994, said Wheeler. “He also represents a significant portion of District 64 in his current position on the Lake County Board and as a result is keenly aware of many issues facing its residents.”

“Tom has been a fantastic leader and advocate for his constituents on the County Board. District 64 needs someone like him at this critical time for the State of Illinois,” said Wheeler. “I look forward to helping Tom become our next State Representative and I hope you’ll join me in this effort.”

​Weber Said: “I consider it a high honor to have the endorsement of Rep. Wheeler. I am thankful for her confidence in me and look forward to earning the trust of the people.”

Download PDF full statement HERE.

<![CDATA[Wheeler Will Not Seek Another Term in the Illinois House of Representatives]]>Sat, 29 Jul 2017 05:00:00 GMThttp://barbarawheeler64.com/news/wheeler-will-not-seek-another-term-in-the-illinois-house-of-representativesPicture
Thank you for all of the support you have given me throughout my time as your State Representative. Your support has been invaluable and I deeply appreciate the trust that you have put into me for the past five years.

I am proud of many pieces of legislation we have been able to enact on behalf of District 64, such as the dissolution of certain redundant local government entities in the District, enhancing the restrictions on drivers who have repeatedly driven under the influence of alcohol, and the creation of the Human Trafficking Resource Center Notice Act. However, we have fallen miserably short on many of the issues most important to Illinois residents, including fundamental reforms in the way our State operates.

Many of you are unhappy with the irresponsible actions of the General Assembly, and rightfully so. The status quo continues in Springfield, where even simple reforms, such as term limits and fair redistricting, have not been successful. I am as frustrated as you are that the legislature has not taken action to make these fundamental changes. Since first taking office, I have been a strong advocate for these and other reforms: Pension, property tax, and spending reforms are all essential to changing the State’s trajectory and charting a new path to prosperity for the residents of Illinois.

In order to break Springfield of this pattern, a younger generation of leaders is needed in the General Assembly. For that reason, I have decided that I will not seek another term in the Illinois House of Representatives. As an avid supporter of term limits, I believe that without constitutionally-mandated limits, the responsibility is on individual lawmakers to know when it is time to pass the torch. New leaders bring different perspectives and fresh ideas to change the course of the State and I am optimistic about their success as Illinois enters into its 200th year.

I will vigorously use my remaining time to serve the residents of District 64 in the next spring session and fight the anti-taxpayer agenda being pushed in Springfield. Thank you again for your continued support and kindness. As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

                                                                  Sincerely yours,

<![CDATA[Politics Continues to Supercede Governance]]>Wed, 31 May 2017 05:00:00 GMThttp://barbarawheeler64.com/news/politics-continues-to-supercede-governancePicture
A Letter to the Editor by State Representatives Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake)
Today, another spring legislative session ended, and with it ended another opportunity to stop the financial death spiral gripping Illinois. Despite the efforts of many rank-and-file members to create a balanced budget compromise, Illinois’ rigged political system has once again superseded good governance. 

Over the past year, I took part in working groups and special commissions to address the budget crisis and the pressing need to reform Illinois’ school funding formula. These good faith discussions and negotiations were more productive than I expected and I was optimistic about the legislation we began to put together. Staying positive in Springfield these days isn’t easy, but it seemed like a ray of hope was finally beginning to shine. 

Sadly, Speaker Madigan once again wielded his power to pull the rug out from under these efforts at the last minute. It’s clear that even though the methods of the past aren’t working anymore, the Speaker is more interested in keeping control of the process, whatever the cost. His own leadership team has suggested on multiple occasions that there won’t be a full budget during Governor Rauner’s term. This is not how our Republic is supposed to work. Meanwhile, taxpayers, job creators and those in need of certainty for social services will continue lose out. 

We can still pass a balanced budget before the current fiscal year ends on June 30, albeit through a more restrictive process now. Failure to do so will cause even more services to stop. We must stop the political games and do what’s right to pass a balanced budget built on reasonable reform before it is too late.

<![CDATA[Springfield Priority: Consolidate and Save Costs]]>Wed, 29 Mar 2017 15:19:33 GMThttp://barbarawheeler64.com/news/springfield-priority-consolidate-and-save-costsPicture
State Representative Barbara Wheeler is a chief co-sponsor of legislation to give residents the option to consolidate unnecessary local governments through referendum. House Bill 496, which currently lies before that full House, allows residents to consolidate townships that are coterminous with a municipality to reduce duplicate costs and services. 

As the recent report from the Tax Foundation shows, Illinois has the third highest property taxes in the nation. We know one of the primary factors driving our high property taxes is that we have more local governments than any other state. House Bill 496 puts the control directly in the hands of residents to reduce their tax burden and save money through a direct vote.

House Bill 496, which passed the Government Consolidation and Modernization Committee by unanimous vote, expands a 2013 measure that allowed Evanston Township to consolidate into the city of Evanston and is a recommendation of the consolidation task force. Evanston reported it was able to reduce staffing and administration costs by more than $1 million through the consolidation of the coterminous township. 

Specifically, House Bill 496 allows residents to place a referendum on the ballot and vote to dissolve a township that shares the same geographic boundaries of a municipality. Illinois has 19 such townships. To place a referendum on the ballot, residents have two options; through a petition signed by at least 10 percent of the registered voters in the community, or by an ordinance passed by the city council to put the referendum on the ballot. If a majority of voters approve the referendum, all responsibilities, obligations, assets, liabilities and property of the township will be transferred to the municipality. 

To learn more about House Bill 496, Click Here

<![CDATA[Stand up for life (and common sense spending) in Illinois!]]>Sun, 05 Feb 2017 01:24:12 GMThttp://barbarawheeler64.com/news/stand-up-for-life-and-common-sense-spending-in-illinoisPicture
Last week, thousands of people gathered in Washington, DC and around the country for the annual March for Life. 

This week, the Illinois House of Representatives will consider a bill to make Illinoisans pay for abortions for those on Medicaid, and state employees regardless of the reason.

We’re projecting that this bill could increase state funded abortions by about 12,000 per year, based on data from the last time Medicaid funded abortions. We cannot let this happen! This is not only a social issue, this is a budget issue. Our state is broke and cannot afford this additional funding.

If thousands of people stand in opposition though these witness slips, it will send a strong message to the committee that the Pro-Life movement is again ready to fight hard against these kinds of laws. 

Help us fight against this bill by taking a couple minutes and filling out a witness slip in opposition:

How To File a Witness Slip AGAINST HB40!
It takes 2 minutes! 

Follow this link to the Illinois General Assembly Dashboard page on House Bill 40: File Witness Slip

All fields of Section I are required. For "Firm/Business or Agency" and "Title", you may just input "Self" or "None". 

Section II is optional.

SECTION III IS THE MOST IMPORTANT: Make sure to select your position as an OPPONENT of the Originial Bill. 

Section IV: Select the box that says "Record of Appearance Only"

That's it! You can view all the witness slips filed so far HERE.

<![CDATA[Wheeler Statement on House Rules for 100th General Assembly]]>Thu, 26 Jan 2017 03:02:29 GMThttp://barbarawheeler64.com/news/wheeler-statement-on-house-rules-for-100th-general-assemblyPicture
Speaker Madigan once again showed just how much power he has over his party, Illinois and his lack of interest in democracy. When legislative rules of procedure give sole authority to one person to decide what legislation will be called and when subject matter committees are even allowed to meet instead of its members, the democratic process is left behind.

As one of my Republican colleagues said on the floor before the vote, "just because it can be done, doesn’t mean it should be done." I wish more members of the majority party had taken these words to heart and stood by their previous statements to change the way the House operates.

<![CDATA[Wheeler to Sponsor Crystal Lake Art Show that Honors Women in Government]]>Sun, 30 Oct 2016 19:16:07 GMThttp://barbarawheeler64.com/news/wheeler-to-sponsor-crystal-lake-art-show-that-honors-women-in-governmentPicture
I would like to extend an invitation for everyone to attend an upcoming art show at Crystal Lake’s historic Dole Mansion scheduled for Friday, November 4 from 5:00-8:00 PM. The theme of this exhibit is “100 Years of Women in Government,” and those who attend will be able to view a large collection of featured art which focuses on the emergence of strong women in government roles. People will also have an opportunity to mingle with artists and purchase some of the original pieces of work. A suggested $5 donation will be collected at the door, and those proceeds will support the historic preservation of the Dole Mansion and Lakeside Legacy programs. I hope to see a large crowd at this worthwhile event!

More information about this event is available at www.lakesideartspark.org/100-years-women-government/

Please also visit the Facebook event for the art show here.

I look forward to seeing you at the event on Friday!

<![CDATA[Wheeler 2016 Endorsements]]>Sun, 23 Oct 2016 21:49:48 GMThttp://barbarawheeler64.com/news/wheeler-2016-endorsements]]><![CDATA[Wheeler Named "Guardian of Small Business"]]>Wed, 21 Sep 2016 03:14:29 GMThttp://barbarawheeler64.com/news/wheeler-named-guardian-of-small-businessPicture
The National Federation of Independent Business/Illinois (NFIB) has named Rep. Wheeler as a “Guardian of Small Business” in recognition of votes taken in Springfield during 2015-2016. In an independent review of her voting record, Wheeler scored a perfect 100% on the criteria reviewed by the NFIB.

The award, given every two years by the non-partisan National Federation of Independent Business/Illinois (NFIB), judged lawmakers on their votes on 11 key bills during the 99th General Assembly. The bills included: HB 6162, SB 2964, HB 3887, HB 1285, HB 1287, HB 4036, HB 5576 and HJRCA 26. Lawmakers who received an 80% or higher rating received the award. 

According to Kim Clark Maisch, State Director of NFIB/Illinois, Wheeler showed unwavering support of small business during the 99th General Assembly. “Small business is an extremely important part of Illinois' economic engine, and Representative Barbara Wheeler’s 100% voting record with the NFIB demonstrates her commitment to helping small businesses succeed in a very tough environment,” she said. “Small businesses are our primary job creators, and Representative Wheeler stood up on behalf of these businesses time and time again in her representation of Illinois’ 64th District.”

It was an honor to be recognized for my support of the business community. There were several bills during this General Assembly that represented an attack on small business owners in Illinois, and as lawmakers who recognize the importance of small business, it was our responsibility to fight these anti-business initiatives. Small business owners are the people who have the power to improve our economy and we need to do everything we can to support them.

NFIB/Illinois includes over 11,000 small business members from across the state. A link to a summary of the 11 key business bills and an overall tally and ranking of all Illinois State Representatives and Senators can be found at: http://www.nfib.com/pdfs/Illinois-Voting-Record.pdf

<![CDATA[Schools in District 64 to Receive Increased Funding for 2016-2017 school year]]>Sat, 16 Jul 2016 20:14:16 GMThttp://barbarawheeler64.com/news/schools-in-district-64-to-receive-increased-funding-for-2016-2017-school-yearPicture
The long awaited stopgap State budget, enacted and signed into law on June 30 provides a full 12 months of funding for Illinois K-12 public schools. This plan will fully fund the foundation level for the first time in many years, ending the unfair practice of proration and will ensure that all school districts get at least as much funding from the State as they received last year. Under this budget, every school district within the boundaries of District 64 will see an increase in funding.

The school aid includes both general State aid (GSA) and a series of categorical grants provided to many school districts to cover parts of the costs of mandates imposed by the State and other costs of school district operation. In addition, the FY17 K-12 education bill appropriated $361 million over what was distributed last year in FY16 for the 2015-16 school year. It also allocates $250 million for a new statewide equity grant that will be distributed to school districts based on the State Board of Education’s low income grant formula. The plan also includes a $75 million increase for early childhood education and does not include a state bailout of Chicago Public Schools. 

This chart illustrates the estimated increase in funding that District 64 schools will receive for 2016-2017: